Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lamentation Six

My Pet Haiku.

I do not like cats.                          
Their claws dig in my legs when    
they climb my trousers.                  

I wear cricket pads.                        
They attack me from the rear!        
There IS a bonus -                          

they reach my ass and                    
not my b****cks before they          
attack with their teeth.                    

Can't understand why            
I keep fifty-five of the
horrible creatures.

A perfect Friday Flash fiftyfiver for the G-Man!!


  1. Fifth Horseman...
    A day late... But I am gracious!!
    Cats lick the butter....:-)
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. 55 cats = heaven! Well, maybe not that many, but I sure do love them and find each one a unique being. The one in the picture looks like a challenge to win over, however!

    Your statement after the comment box just cracks me up. Sorry I couldn't say something gloomier about it. [:(

  3. Tsk tsk. Cats know things. No wonder they bite you. :-)

  4. My dog eats cats for breakfast :)

  5. This may seem terribly rude but I think you may be a bit of a knob head!

    1. You must judge me as you find me. ma'am.


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