Monday, 17 September 2012

Lamentation Twelve

Two-Step Haiku

The Sailor: "Dancing's
the vertical expression
of flat-out intent."

Venus: "In your dreams!
You'll neither dance nor grope me when
you're falling-down drunk."

Tess Kincaid's weekly prompt and many responses to it can be found here.
The picture is: Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali


  1. Well, what can I say? A mini play in haiku form. Stand aside Willy, the Asian age has arrived!

  2. We learned as young women exactly where dancing would end ... and they were right of course. But what a way to go?

  3. Too funny...! Except for the falling down part! Ha! Ha! I just adore your header photo!

  4. Stafford hit the nail on the head - a mini play it is. :)


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