Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lamentation Sixteen

Snog Warning

"Who cares about rain,"
she told him through their kiss. Both
caught their deaths of cold.

So just what has Magpie 141 got to be cheerful about? Read some and find out.


  1. This is a poem that requires a kleenex for more than one reason! Your words always bring a smile to my face! Hope you are having a remarkably bad day! :-)

  2. Horseman . . however low I'm feeling, I visit your blog to remind myself things could get worse. Long may your despair continue.

  3. Hehehe! Lovely black humour for Halloween. :)

  4. Beautiful....but serves them right!!

  5. Oh! I hate to say it but I almost giggled! and then I got sad. excellent, I love the way you completely changed this meaning- all the others, mine included, are sweet little love story types. I like this!

  6. Can I laugh at their tragedy? I can't help it, I am gonna.


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