Friday, 29 April 2011

Have You Noticed . .

No-one ever visits this blog.  I've noticed, and being not noticed makes me even more sad and miserable than I usually am. Also, I have no followers. I mean, look at Catherine and Wills!  They had millions of followers all day today.  If I got married in Westminster Abbey and then went along the Mall in a horse- drawn open landau someone would probably throw a bomb and blow my hat off. Or my foot.  Then I'd have nothing to put in my mouth. On the one side anyway. So please . .  if anyone reads this, please be my first follower. We might even be able to cheer each other up.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Beyond Stupid

You can avoid mishaps like this so easily!  Include a measuring tape in your Emergency Kit along with the spare wheel, fuses, lamp bulbs, foot-pump, tire levers, ring spanners, welding equipment, hoist, band-aid, vaseline, red triangle, bull horn, spare engine, tow-truck, thermos, sandwiches, tire chains, sleeping-bag, compass, ear defenders and so on which the thoughtful driver knows are indispensable for getting him out of tight corners. Tight corners are the bane of any motorist's life.

All this guy needed to do was measure the bridge before he tried to drive across it. But at least he had the foresight to bring some stripey tape and a policeman with him. Could have been nasty.